Golf in afrikaans

Golf in South Africa | Golf Tours South Africa Golf golf in afrikaans (1) Unlike a lot of other sports, golf is a game that can be enjoyed well into your senior years. (2) golf shoes (3) He enjoys nothing more than going to school, playing golf and watching football games. (4) The flagstick is an important part of the game of golf and is covered by Rule 17 in the Rules of Golf.
Golf Holidays in South Africa & South African Golfing To read our latest news release detailing the Top 100 Golf Courses of South Africa, simply click the preceding link. In Africa, forty-nine of the fifty-nine countries boast at least one golf course and the continent accommodates almost 900 golf facilities in total, with …
How to say golf in Afrikaans - WordHippo golf in afrikaans In baie speletjies kan ’n mens ’n sport, soos yshokkie en gholf, speel. (sports) A ball game played by individuals competing against one another in which the object is to hit a ball into each of a series of (usually 18 or nine) holes in the minimum number of strokes.
Experience golf in South Africa - 2 weeks of golfing On South African golf holidays you will never find yourself without something to do or see, or without the opportunity to play some of the best golf courses in the world. This magnificent country provides the perfect base for an unforgettable multi centre golfing tour.
How to say "golf course" in Afrikaans - WordHippo Contextual translation of "golf" into Afrikaans. Human translations with examples: golf, gholf, tennis, afslaan, golf day, stableford, penguin golf, minigholfspel.
Translate golf in Afrikaans with contextual examples Die afstand van die kruin van een golf na die kruin van ’n ander word ’n golflengte genoem en word in ’n eenheid gemeet wat ’n ångström genoem word en tot Å afgekort word. The distance from the crest of one wave to the crest of another is called a wavelength and is …
139 Golf jobs in South Africa golf in afrikaans Golf in South Africa specialises in bespoke golf tours that are designed by remarkable agents to suit your party’s precise requirements. Whether you are a small informal group or a large corporate group, we will have the perfect package for you.
Golf in South Africa | Courses, Reviews, Book Tee Times in golf in afrikaans Extreme 19th. /  24.2033°S 28.68917°E  / -24.2033; 28.68917. The Extreme 19th is the highest (400 metres or 1,300 feet) and longest (361 metres or 395 yards) par three golf hole in the world, located at the Legend Golf & Safari Resort in the Entabeni Safari Conservatory, Limpopo Province, South Africa. The hole was conceived by the property owners, Peet and Mart Cilliers, along with Graham Cooke of the …
Extreme 19th - Wikipedia Afrikaans Translation. gholfbaan. More Afrikaans words for golf-course. golfbaan noun. golf-course.

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