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Discover Afrikaans Language Monument in Paarl, South Africa: The South African dialects complex history is immortalized in stone, in one of the worlds only monuments dedicated to a language.

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afrikaans monument This monument was built before the fall of the apartheid regime and it is a wonder that it has not been removed or had its name changed by the present government. Most other towns and places have. Afrikaans is a language which is peculiar to South Africa.

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The Afrikaans Language Monument should be seen as a sculpture rather than an architectural work. There are elements of the Brutalist style in the structure, and the use of raw concrete is a worldwide feature of monuments dating back to the last half of the 20th century. 11 – The grave of Jan van Wijk

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Afrikaanse Taalmuseum en -monument Place Categories: Heritage, Outdoor and Adventure, Paarl Activities, and Paarl Family Excursions The Afrikaans Language Monument on Paarl Mountain is a fascinating step back into history.

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Known simply as the Taal monument or Afrikaans language monument, the most famous Afrikaans icon, die Afrikaanse Taalmonument, sits on Paarl rock, erected in 1975 to commemorate the semi centenary of Afrikaans as an official language, separate from Dutch, overlooking the farmlands of Stellenbosch and Paarl.

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afrikaans monument monument - Meaning in Afrikaans, what is meaning of common in Afrikaans dictionary, audio pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of common in Afrikaans and English.

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Symbolism. Look at the photo above, taken from the bottom of the steps as you approach the Afrikaans Language Monument: A: The three colums on the left that are close together represents the influences of the three Western languages on Afrikaans - …

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The Afrikaans Language Monument on Paarl Mountain is a fascinating step back into history. Built in 1975 and designed by architect Jan van Wijk, it acknowledges the influence of a variety of languages on the development of Afrikaans, namely Dutch, Malay, Malay-Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, English, and the indigenous Khoi and African languages, Free guided […]

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“Afrikaans” is the Dutch word for “African,” and the language was once calledCape Dutch.” This very paradox and the language’s complex political history, is depicted in stone by the Afrikaans

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Worth the visit to discover more of the varied and interesting history of South Africa. The monument was built to help memorialize the Afrikaans language and how it came to

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afrikaans monument The iconic Taalmonument is situated on Paarl Mountain, so come visit us to discover more about the history of one of Africa’s youngest languages, Afrikaans! Did you know that the roots of Afrikaans can be traced back to three continents, namely Europe, Asia and Africa?

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of Afrikaans. Everyone who can or wants to speak Afrikaans, or who is interested in the language, should visit this unique museum and monument to learn more about Afrikaans, the third most spoken language in South Africa. Afrikaans is the mother tongue of more than seven million speakers and is spoken by just as many people as a second or third

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afrikaans monument Die monument is in 1975 voltooi om die halfeeu te gedenk van die amptelike erkenning van Afrikaans as n selfstandige taal afsonderlik van Nederlands. Die monument bestaan uit verskillende groter wordende strukture van n konvekse en konkawe aard, wat die invloede van verskillende ander tale en kulture, asook politieke ontwikkelings in Suid-Afrika, op Afrikaans simboliseer:

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The Afrikaans Language Monument (Afrikaans: Afrikaanse Taalmonument) is the only monument in the world dedicated to a language. It is on a hill overlooking the Teachers Training College in Paarl, Western Cape Province, South Africa.

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